Church History

In August of 1994, the Spirit of God gave birth to a new and exciting Church.  For a several weeks, the Holy Spirit moved on a small group believers, while in the home of Pastor & First Lady Young. 

As God begin to move, Pastor & First Lady Young stepped out on Faith and moved into their first “store front” at 3941 Apache/Broadview.  While at this location, God begin to add to the church daily to where they were Blessed to obtain another suite at the same location.

This provided a larger worship center and now a fellowship facility. 

Oh my God is Awesome!

As time progressed, Praise Temple was faced with a great obstacle of being bought out by Walmart.  This forced the man and woman of God to seek for direction and guidance.

Well, with their back against the wall, God blessed them to move to 1105 Stonewall/Southern.  At this location, God began to manifest Himself even the more.

As God continued to move, Praise Temple Ministries began to flourish; ministries within the ministry became a functioning entity. Then men, women, and youth all had an increased desire to function in the “Spirit of Excellence” and walk and talk with “Integrity.”

There was a word dropped in the Pastor’s spirit that it was time to move.  Wow, but without hesitation, we stepped out with the Man of God to purchase this campus; 10412 Elam Road, Dallas, TX. 

The Lord has blessed us to beautify it from the inside to the outside.  We now have office spaces, a bookstore, a conference room, a fellowship area, a coffee shop and a separate facility for the youth. 

It is our desire to build the kingdom of God, for it is not about us, but about Kingdom Building. 

God has been good to us and we are looking forward for the “Favor of God” to continue.



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