Our Ministries

F.B.I. (youth)

The youth represents two categories

C.O.P.S: Children of Promise

S.W.A.T. Striving to Withstand all Temptations


The Men of Faith: is a ministry for all men; founded by our Pastor Dr. Donnie Young.  We also provide opportunities for all men to come together for fellowship and fun. One principle that our Pastor drives home is for the men to be the leaders in the church as well as in our families.


Women of Distinction:  is a ministry for all women founded by First Lady Margaret Young.  We provide opportunities for all women to come together for fun and fellowship.  We conduct open discussions about the issues women deal with on a daily basis, but most importantly, we discuss how to handle those issues by using our faith and the Word of God.


Music/Video/Audio Department:  The purpose of this ministry is to bring people into praise and worship of the Father through anointed music.  Through singing and Psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs we prepare our hearts to rich soil for the word to take root and grow.  This department is made up of the Voices of Praise, Sanctuary Choir, F.B.I Youth Choir, Video Productions, Sermon Reproduction, and Music Reproduction.  The music department also consists of a group of versatile musicians and singers.


Outreach /Evangelist:  This ministry is the witnessing and Outreach Ministry of Praise Temple.  This ministry goes into the community and share flyers, brochures, and the Love of Jesus; encouraging residents to attend the services that are held at Praise Temple.  We also serve as prayer leaders and intercessors by standing in the gap for the Body of Christ.

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