Coranavirus Update

Praise Temple update on the Corona virus Sunday, May 24 2020:

We want to start off by saying how grateful to our staff, leadership team, and facility workers  for stepping up to ensure the safety of our members and community.  We put the clarion call out and and everyone went above and beyond to follow all safety measures and guidelines put in place.  Unfortunately we have to make new changes to our worship services and social gatherings.   Sunday, May 24, 2020 we will open our services to our congregation and to the community.  We will continue to stream our services via Facebook and we  are asking our members, partners, and friends to log on to Facebook@Margaret Young  to view our services live.   We want to ensure support for this new endeavor, so we are asking you to let us know you are watching.     Please know our  belief is stronger than ever and we know God is still in control, however, we will put in place the necessary precautions needed to ensure the safety of all our members and community.    If you are sick, elderly, or do not feel comfortable  we will have members of the finance department and the deacon board available from  10:00-10:30 for members to  drive through and drop off  all monetary support, offerings, and donations during this time. You may also make your donations and offerings online through our online giving platform givlify; click on the blue give buttonYou may also call in your prayer request to our prayer line # 1-302-202-1102; code: 949139.  To Ensure the safest measures possible, we will enforce and follow the following safety measures:

  • Temperature check of all those who enter
  • Everyone will seat every other pew with only 2 immediate families per pew
  • We will provide hand sanitizer  in the common areas (front foyer, restrooms, fellowship hall coffee shop and bookstore)
  • We will also sanitize all equipment and common areas with the necessary products before and  after each service
  • We will limit contact to elbow and fist bumps with essential workers wearing the necessary coverings such as gloves to provide immediate protection

Although we are taking the necessary precautions and making the necessary changes outlined by our government officials, that does not diminish our faith and trust in God.  We will continue to pray for our families, our church, and our country.  Remember we are the light of the world, so as Christians we will not panic as we are the voice of reason that the world will look too.    We encourage you to continue to follow all safety measures and precautions as you go about your daily routines during this this time of reopening.   During your prayer and confession time, we will stand in unity and confess Psalm 91:10:  There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling.  

Stay in Peace,

Dr. Donnie & Pastor Margaret Young


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