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It is time to exercise your right to vote. Complete the form below and let us know when you cast your vote, and we will shout you out each Sunday. Early voting is from October 22- November 2.  Election day is November 6.     You may also follow us on Twitter  @Taushasimms; @drdonnieyoung, or @Firstladyyoung.  You may also Facebook us!  Also make sure you check out our media page  for our latest campaign and sermons.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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Join us for our Twitter campaign; who will reach 100 followers by the end of the month?  Dr. Donnie Young, First Lady Young, or our church coordinator, LaTausha Simmons?  Sign up today for inspirational messages from our Pastor.  Also follow his mentor on twitter. 
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It's time to exercise your right, and let your voices be heard.  Complete the form below and let us know when you voted.  We will shout you out during Sunday morning service!
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