April is Family Month

As we honor and celebrate families during our Family Month.  During this month, take this time to renew family bonds and strengthen the family structure through prayer and fellowship.  Take this opportunity to have new family gatherings and fellowships.


Resurrecting and Redeeming the Family Through The Blood of Jesus

Resurrecting and Redeeming the Family Through the Blood of Jesus:

Our Easter Celebration will feature 3 events:

  • Good Friday Service w/Communion  Friday, April 19  @7:30 Featuring the Names of God
  • Easter Egg Hunt Saturday, April 20 @12:00 (on the Praise Temple Campus)
  • Easter Celebration Sunday, April 21 @11:00 Featuring our FBI Youth

Praise Temple:  Where Families Worship on Easter


Mother Helen Supply Drive

It is with great joy we introduce the Mother Helen Supply Drive:  As apart of our spring giving campaign, we sow supplies and resources back into our ministry.  This is our opportunity to ensure our church is self sufficient, but this is also our opportunity to honor a legend, Mother Helen Henderson.

The Supply Drive will kick off Sunday, April 14-May 12


Spring Giving Campaign: Seed Program

The Power of the Seed:

We will culminate our spring giving campaign with our Seed program.  We will sow our seeds, we will sow our time , and we sow back into our church with supplies and resources.  This annual event will feature anointed praise & worship, anointed giving, and an anointed Word from God.  We invite you to be our special guest Sunday, April 28 @3:00.


Praise Temple Morning Manna Prayer Hotline

It’s finally here, a prayer hot line that is like none other.  If you are looking for a prayer connection that will break the chains despair and change your life, then the PTCFC Morning Manna is for you.  Join us Monday and Friday at 6:15 a.m.

Prayer line # 1-302-202-1102
Conference code:  949139
Taking Dominion Confession:
I take dominion over the strongman according to Matthew 16:19:  God has given me the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven.  
God has given me Authority over all devils ability according to Luke 1:20-23 states that satan is under my feet.  
God thank you for your Word, for I rise up and take Authority over the enemy by superimposing Your will over the will and activities of the enemy. 
For God we know he is operating illegally in the earth realm.  Now God we rise up and take our rightful position as Your Deputized Agents.  
God in Jesus Name we take our Kingly Posture the Power you have given to us to decree a thing, and it will be established, according to Job 22:28.   


Praise Temple Uses Social Media

Praise Temple uses social media, so join us for our twitter campaign.  Who will reach 100 followers by the end of the month; Dr. Donnie Young; First Lady Young; or the church coordinator LaTausha Simmons?  Sign up today to receive inspirational messages from our Pastors and their mentors.


Church Updates and Announcements

Want to know what is happening at Praise Temple?  I am your COO with the 411 . We are constantly making upgrades to our ministry to better serve God’s people and to be a better service to the Kingdom of God.    We have added a prayer and information hotline  so you can call in your prayer request.  Lastly, we will upload a survey to see how we can better serve the PT Cybernation.  We want to know how our website can draw you closer to the Lord.  Make plans to join us for one of these exciting church services.  Stay tuned with  updates of what is happening at Praise Temple.

April 6 Noon Prayer

April 7 Communion Sunday

April 19 Good Friday Service 

April 20 Easter Egg Hunt @12:00

April 21 Easter Celebration Service @11:00

April 28 Seed Program @3:00


Praise Temple Cybernation “Question of the Day”

Join the PT Cybernation.  As we celebrate and honor families during our family month, tell us about your family gathering or outing.   You may also follow us on Twitter  @Taushasimms; @drdonnieyoung, or @Firstladyyoung.  You may also Facebook us!  Also make sure you check out our media page  for our latest campaign and sermons.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Join our Cybernation today and stay connected!
Join us for our Twitter campaign; who will reach 100 followers by the end of the month?  Dr. Donnie Young, First Lady Young, or our church coordinator, LaTausha Simmons?  Sign up today for inspirational messages from our Pastor.  Also follow his mentor on twitter. 
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As we celebrate and honor families during our family month, tell us about your family gatherings or outings.
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